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ZEUS URINAL SCREEN (For Urinal Trough)

ZEUS URINAL SCREEN (For Urinal Trough)

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This dual sided design controls splash back from both sides of the screen, taking the guess work out of installation and eliminating the 'wrong side up' errors that can result in extra labour and cleaning costs. The Trough Urinal Screen is perfect for big venues and designed for High Traffic Areas. The screens are also designed to link together to ensure complete coverage of the urinal surface. Because the screens cover the drains, they prevent debris from passing through, reducing the risk of costly plumbing issues from clogging.

Key Benefits:
- Perfect for wide base trough urinals
- Great for sports stadiums and larger venues
- Freshens for 30 days
- Toss it in the trough is all the installation necessary
- Tearable tabs to help remind you when to change product



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